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The Paradisi Chronicles has launched!

A science fiction adventure through time, space and generations, brought to life through the creativity and independent perspectives of multiple authors. Enter the world of the Paradisi Chronicles, where every new journey is
an adventure you’ll never want to end.

Paradisi EscapeParadisi Chronicles is an innovative open-source scifi universe launched by seven authors all publishing on the same day: Tristan James, Auburn Seal, Roslyn McFarland, M Louisa Locke, Andy Bunch, Sarah Woodbury. Paradisi Escape is my first offering under my new scifi pen name, Tristan James, and it is Book 1 in a four-book series called Paradisi Exodus. Learn more at the group’s website ParadisiChronicles.com.

Want to celebrate with us? We have three awesome upcoming events to mark the passage of this massive milestone after a full year of secret work.

Sept 1 Launch Day Party

Join our virtual Facebook party and learn more about the authors and their books. Click here to join.

Sept 5 Schmoozefest

Join our virtual Facebook party, which will be a day-long event filled with giveaways and awesome scifi guest hosts.

Sept 25 7 Author Paradisi Chronicles Extravaganza

All seven authors will join together at Another Read Through Bookstore to read excerpts from their work and meet and greet with our readers. Can’t wait! Learn more about the event here: 7 Author Paradisi Chronicles Extravaganza

Welcome! You’ve found my humble abode on the web. Have a seat on the sofa, stay awhile. I’ve been writing since I was a wee tike and, in recent years, I’ve released two historical novels, a how-to on e-book design, and a contemporary short story. At the moment, I’m hard at work on a scifi trilogy, a multi-author scifi series, and a 5-book fantasy series. When I’m not writing, I do marketing, freelance editing, indie filmmaker (I’m a dabbler, really), composing (again with the dabbling), and traveling.

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