Magic to Read By

There is a kind of unearthly magic that occurs when a reader begins to​ ​read a story. The boundaries of space and time collapse, the “real”​ ​world around you fades away, and images, like movies, play across your​ ​mind and envelope you mind, body, and soul.

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Then these strange creatures called characters run amuck among the​ ​words on the page, reminding you of your family, your lovers, your​ ​enemies. They do the things we would never do in real life. Or would​ ​we? They certainly make us think we could…

And how is it that these larger-than-life characters can show us the​ ​best and worst side of even ourselves? How is it that they can mold​ ​new thoughts within us, make us question our old paradigms, move us to​ ​action?

It’s magic. That’s all. And what a poorer world we would be without​ ​such a powerful gift.

But it isn’t just readers who are irrevocably changed by this unusual​ ​magic. For writers, the magic can occur at any step along the path:​ ​initial story concept, plotting, character development, writing,​ ​​rewriting, rewriting some more, and editing. But the best kind of​ ​magic…Can you guess when that occurs? When the readers contact the​ ​writer and share how the story touched their lives, how it made them​ ​think, how it made them grow.

Did you know that such exchanges of heart and mind can bring a writer​ ​to tears? Even the jaded, broken, and bitter writers who have been​ ​worn down by criticisms, discouragement or even just the sheer weight​ ​of the publication journey itself. Yes, even their hearts can be​ ​mended in an instant by a few kind words from a gracious reader.

To know that another human being miles, or even continents, away could​ ​be moved by something you wrote with the ink-blood of your heart​ ​poured out onto the page? This is the greatest magic of all. What joy!​ ​What ecstasy! That both reader and writer can share a new world​ ​together outside of time and place. It’s like a moving spaceship that​ ​orbits the earth as it spins. But you, two, are spinning with it and​ ​in your own orbit, on another plan called Story.

This is why I write. To experience that same magic again and again. Is​ ​that why you keep coming back to reading? I think at the deepest​ ​levels we all crave that out-of-body experience, that connection to​ ​emotion that is difficult to replicate in any other medium of creativity.

To honor the readers who have cultivated that magic in me, my​ ​publisher and I are holding one final sale of Artemis Rising together.​ ​There is no way we can truly thank you enough for reading this special​ ​book and, most importantly, sharing your thoughts on the​ ​story—whether through social media connections or just a simple email​ ​message.

But we will say thank you anyway, even though it falls short of​ ​capturing the breadth of our gratitude.

Thank you,


Artemis Rising - Ebook Cover


Artemis Rising Ebook Two-Day Sale

Friday and Saturday, April 19-20 only.

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