Want to see what my YA historical fantasy novel, Artemis Rising, looks like in the flesh? Well, here she be! I created the paperback version for two reasons:

  1. Fans kept asking me when it would come out.
  2. I was curious to learn how to design a print book.
Looks like everybody wins, eh? Though it was a learning curve, I adored designing this book from scratch. I based it on my ebook’s design, of course, but so many elements are different when working with a fixed layout and ink on paper. It’s just a different beast to contend with. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I’ll probably do a paperback again for future books.
I don’t yet have a set release day for the paperback, but stay tuned. Shouldn’t be too much longer. This is the proof below. The only copy in existence thus far. I’d better not spill coffee on it, huh? =) The cover is smooth as butter and the colors turned out really well.
A HUGE thank you to Lance Ganey for answering my billions of questions during this design process. Could NOT have done this without you.
Major thanks go to V.R. Christensen, N. Gemini Sasson, and Rebecca Lochlann, Lisa Nowak, Heather McCorkle,  and the rest of the amazing Indelibles group for aiding me with their expertise. And thanks, Mom, for catching that crazy plothole about the necklace! =)
I’ll keep everyone posted when the paperback comes out. Thrilled! Now on to book two…

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