Director Bill Thoma and I first conceived of a book trailer for my novel Artemis Rising in late August 2009. It’s been a wild ride and an amazing journey since then. We were privileged in our cast and crew on this project, and the collective talent of this group still surprises me. I’m pleased to share the fruits of our labor at long last:



William Thoma


Mary Nelson — Arethusa

Tyler Nordby — Tristan

MontetrĂ© — Diogo

Lyndsey Shaw — Senhorita Jacinta

Kyle Jorgenson — Padre Salvador


Brian Neubauer — director of photography

Cheri Lasota — art direction, script supervisor, producer

Lyndsey Shaw — art direction, makeup, costumes, production assistant

Beth Furumasu — still photography

Kyle Jorgenson — sound

Adam Halverson — crane operator

Dan Kurtz — grip