Just thought I should point out something that EVERY aspiring romance author should be checking out. Gabrielle Luthy’s Web site is a treasure chest of places with information on how to start plugging your women’s fiction/romance novel.

The site is deeply layered with:

  • Indexes
  • Articles
  • Contact information
  • Resources on promoting your book
  • How to handle media engagements
  • Putting together a press kit

Sir Stirling Rehm (yes, that's what my birth certificate says so hush up)

There are literally hundreds, (nay, thousands!) of rabbit holes to dive into and, quite frankly, the site is super impressive. I’ve already buried my “How to” marketing books and writer’s market books in the back yard. This site will be more than plenty . . .assuming I’m writing a romance novel. Don’t judge! A schnauzer can write romance like it’s nobody’s  business!

My favorite page on her site was the “For Writers” page. There were 213 articles categorized under “Creativity and Inspiration.” I’m pretty maxed out on both of those things, but I just wasted the whole morning perusing a good chunk of that list.

So, if the thought of writing women’s fiction or romance ever crossed your mind, this Web site should be your first stop. If you do check it out, be sure to come back and comment on what you found to be most helpful. Share the knowledge, people!