Artemis Rising FREE on March 20-22, 2014!

The Kindle E-Book of Artemis Rising is free this week. I decided on an impromptu sale. It will be the last chance to snag it free this year! So if you’ve read and loved Artemis Rising, feel free to forward on this email newsletter to friends or family who might be interested.

Snatch up Artemis Rising HERE this Thursday through Saturday, March 20-22!

Thank you to all who have downloaded, read, or reviewed Artemis Rising. You make this all possible. <3

Rendered with a lush and lyrical touch, this Y/A historical fantasy depicts the romantic yearnings of two innocent lovers, both dedicated to and trapped by the belief that they embody tragic figures from myth and legend.

Artemis Rising and Echoes in the Glass coming to an audio book near you!

Look for my novels due out on audio book via Audible and iTunes this spring and summer! Thrilled to be working with Gary Tiedemann who is narrating Echoes in the Glass and Caprisha Page who is narrating Artemis Rising. Both are outstanding producers, and I cannot wait to share these audio books with you. They’ve brought my characters to life in a way I never thought possible.

Upcoming Book News

I’ve got a new series coming out sometime in the, er, “near” future. Frankly, I’ve no idea when I’ll get the first book in this trilogy ready to roll. I’m still quite deep in the research and plotting phase. What I can say is that this one is a change from what I’ve written thus far. It’s a scifi trilogy set mostly on the International Space Station.

I can’t reveal anymore  at this point, as I want to keep the storyline under wraps until I get further along. But the interesting bit is that the idea for this story popped into my head after hearing a line from the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. The really interesting bit? I have Stephanie Meyer (a la Twilight series) to thank for this trilogy, as that song wouldn’t have been written if those movies hadn’t been made. Mind = blown.

Stay tuned for more….