The videographer, Will Thoma, and I spent Wednesday night hashing out the script for the book trailer. Sounds like all the principal actors are on board, and for better or worse, I’ll be making an appearance myself in the film, as Eva’s mother, Maria. Egads! I shall endeavor to learn all I can about acting until then.

It’s funny that I went into film school with the prospect of being a film editor, but most of my film experience has been in front of the camera and not behind it. Hmm…

But I’m digging the script. I hear from everyone who’s read it that it reads well. It was great fun to work on, and it focuses on highlighting some of the best scenes in the book. It will be a fast succession of shots, just like you would see in a movie trailer. We’ll film in and around Portland, and somewhere on the coast–perhaps the Cannon Beach area.

Since I’m off work today, I plan to pop by some costuming shops in town to see if I can’t find something that will work.