Recently a local videographer, Will Thoma of Axiom Shift Productions, approached me about doing a book trailer for my novel, Artemis Rising. I jumped at the chance, of course. What writer wouldn’t? It’s not every day a writer gets the opportunity to see their book come to life on screen.

Will has been a longtime videographer in the Portland area, and has recently expanded his business into book trailers for authors. I’ve seen his demo reel, and know he is a consummate filmmaker with an eye for the unexpected, and an innovative visual style.

We’ve begun pre-production on the project, which will film during Sept 09, as we will show the trailer at the upcoming Wordstock Festival on Oct. 8, 2009. This has been exciting project for me, not the least because I majored in film and have been wanting to get back into filmmaking again. I also love the idea of seeing a visual representation of my book. I hope to use this trailer in submitting my novel to agents and publishers, and if/when the book sells, I can use it as a key marketing tool.

It looks like I’ve found three great and local actors to play the principal characters from the book: Eva, Tristan, and Diogo. I look forward to working with them.

Today I hope to hash out more of the script and storyboard of the trailer with the videographer, and will browse around vintage clothing stores around town to see what I can find in the way of costuming.

Off and away…!