In September 2009 we wrapped principal filming on a book trailer for Artemis Rising. Enjoy!

Axiom Shift Productions Director Bill Thoma and I first conceived of a book trailer for my novel Artemis Rising in late August 2009. It’s been a wild ride and an amazing journey since then. We were privileged in our cast and crew on this project, and the collective talent of this group still surprises me.

We wanted to give the essence of some of the key scenes in the book, and in order to do that we did some location scouting in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, and Cannon Beach, OR. The filming we did at the beach was my favorite, as it was a beautiful day, and we did some technically challenging shots for a fight scene and cliff-hanging. I may have a film degree but I’ve never had more fun working on a film project than I did the weekend of principal filming on the Artemis Rising book trailer. It was amazing to watch my characters come to life before my eyes!

Without further ado, I’m pleased to share the fruits of our labor at long last:



  • Mary Nelson as Eva Maré
  • Tyler Nordby as Tristão Vazante
  • Montetré as Diogo Cheia
  • Lyndsey Shaw as Senhorita Jacinta
  • Kyle Jorgenson as Padre Salvador
  • Cheri Lasota as Maria Maré


  • Brian Neubauer—director of photography
  • Cheri Lasota—producer, script supervisor, art director, costumer
  • Lyndsey Shaw—art direction, makeup and costumes, production assistant
  • Beth Furumasu—still photography
  • Adam Halverson—crane operator
  • Dan Kurtz—grip
  • Kyle Jorgenson—sound