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Hello, Stirling Readers! Thought I should pass along some exciting news from our friends at Diiarts. They’ve got new titles, upcoming Kindle editions, and free shipping! Awesome, right? Yes. It is.

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News from Diiarts – February 2010

Two new titles for April

Firstly, a warm welcome to our two newest titles, to be published on 12th April.

Tulagi Hotel is the debut novel of Finnish author Heikki Hietala—and is the first book written in English by a Finn to be published outside Finland.  It is the tale of ace US Marine pilot Jack McGuire, who returns to his former combat zone in the Pacific after World War II, and founds a hotel in the island paradise he once defended from the Japanese.

A very different face of the ocean is seen in Die a Dry Death, by Greta van der Rol, which tells the harrowing story of the Batavia.  A flagship of the Dutch East India Company’s fleet, the treasure-laden Batavia was wrecked off the Australian coast on her maiden voyage in 1629.  The survivors—sailors, soldiers, merchants, women and children—were stranded on a group of uninhabited, hostile islands, with little food or fresh water.  Seeking help, the ship’s officers set out in an open boat on a two-thousand-mile journey.  But while they were gone,  from the struggle for survival on the islands emerged a tyrant whose brutal lust for power was even deadlier than the reef which destroyed the Batavia.

Watch this space for more details of events (all in London and SE England at this stage) around the time of the launch.

News about our first four books

Click on the cover images below to see the latest on Harbour (Paul House), May 1812 (M.M. Bennetts), Pistols for Two—Breakfast for One (Matthew J. Dick) and Whom Must I Kill to Get Published? (Jason Horger).  There are links to reviews, author interviews and other news.  You can also read the opening of each book online.

Coming soon for Kindle

April will also see all Diiarts’ titles released as e-books for the Kindle Reader.  We’ve been getting requests for e-books ever since we launched our first four titles last November, and we’re thrilled to be able to meet this demand.

Review our books online and win free signed copies!

Have you enjoyed one or more of our books?  If so, post a review online—on Amazon, The Book Depository (our recommended distributor, with free postage to most countries worldwide), Facebook, or anywhere else you think people will read it.  Send us a link to the review by Friday 12th March, and to the authors of the five most insightful reviews, we’ll offer a free copy (hardback or paperback) of the Diiarts title of their choice.

A word about ordering…

In the weeks after our November launch, several people said they were having difficulty ordering our titles through their local bookshops.  Thanks to our new arrangements with Central Books and The Book Depository, these problems should now be a thing of the past, and any UK bookshop ought to be able to order our titles.

Equally good news is that The Book Depository accepts payment in most local currencies and offers free postage to most countries worldwide.

Happy reading!

The Diiarts Team