My perspective

Here’s my first public post on my direct experience with ebook cards via

An e-publisher’s perspective

My e-publisher, SpireHouse Books weighs in on ebook cards with statistics on how the ebook cards are working for us:

A local bookstore’s perspective

One of the local bookstores carrying our ebook cards is Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA. Here’s what they had to say about this new marketing idea: 

Shout outs

I wanted to give a special thank you for the bookstores who have stocked our ebook cards: Cover to Cover Books, Vintage Books, and Future Dreams Books. And a HUGE thank you to Dean Wesley Smith for sharing this wonderful idea with the indie pub world.

A final note

I was going to send a separate post out on this but I thought I’d let this blog post do double duty. Last I checked, I had 195 fans on my Artemis Rising page on Facebook. The 200th fan is going to get a free ebook of Artemis Rising in any format the winner wishes. Here’s a link to the page if you want in: