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You’ve heard about it. Now you can have it. Echoes in the Glass is Cheri Lasota’s follow-up to her Cygnus Award-winning debut, Artemis Rising. A genre-bending young adult novel, Echoes in the Glass, is a little mystery, romance, and ghost story all wrapped up in one.

“This is an OMG, blew me out of the water (pun intended) kind of book. I am only on page 178 out of 274… And I seriously paused and waited a few minutes before picking up my jaw off the floor. This book… It’s amazing so far, and I can’t wait to finish it.” —Amanda Kiekbusch

The grand symbol of the story, the magnificent Cape Sorrow Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, sets the backdrop for a story of redemption for Finnian Bell, a boy who commits a terrible crime. Can he rebuild his life as he restores the lighthouse to its former glory?

We also follow Carina Jane’s terrifying experiences at Cape Sorrow back in 1935, during the lighthouse’s heyday. The lighthouse harbors shocking secrets that have far-reaching consequences for both Finnian and Carina. Will they learn the truth too late?

“A masterfully woven tale of two time periods brought together in the mystery of an old lighthouse. The characters are endearing and the plot kept me turning the page for more! Well done!” —Auburn Seal, Author of Roanoke Vanishing

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About the story

Finnian bears the scar of an unspeakable crime. Tiria hides the pain of a terrible betrayal. When all their secrets are laid bare, will the truth rip them apart or forever silence the echoes of the past?

Seventeen-year-old Finnian Bell has been on the run for years, but he finally has a chance to rebuild his life while restoring an abandoned lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. Tiria Lucas, the lightkeeper’s daughter, is still reeling from the pain of an event that has shattered her innocence. Fear and bitterness have turned her heart from Finnian, but he is determined not to let her go.

The lighthouse harbors dark secrets of its own… When Finnian and Tiria uncover the story of two teens hidden in the tower back in 1934, they discover a shocking connection that bridges time and death.

Echoes in the Glass is a YA novel for those who loved Saundra Mitchell’s The Vespertine, Libba Bray’s Diviners, and Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light.

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