Alpheus and Arethusa | Tristan and Isolde

Arethusa and Alpheus. Tristan and Isolde. These names are as paramount in Greek and Arthurian legends as they are in Artemis Rising. But what about these names makes them so significant to Artemis Rising? These names provide the backdrop for the themes of the book. In these names are themes of betrayal, redemption, sacrifice, and devotion.

The characters of Artemis Rising soon discover their names are tied more closely to the ancient myths than they might want. Their fates, written in legend, now playing out before their very eyes, are inescapable. Or are they?

On this page, you will learn about the myths and discover what the characters in Artemis Rising are attempting to learn. Are their fates truly tied to these legends? Are they reincarnations of the legends themselves?

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