Sir Stirling Rehm (yes, that's what my birth certificate says so hush up)

Today, I thought I would remind you all to double check what Internet browser you’re using. This doesn’t have much to do with the book world, but it kind of does . . . I think? I don’t know. Google isn’t going to support Internet Explorer 6 anymore, so you should upgrade to IE8 or just switch to something completely different.¬†Schnauzers¬†prefer¬†Google Chrome, mostly because it’s super fast and eats other Internet browsers for breakfast. There’s also Safari (for Macs, but PC users can download it too) and Firefox (app-rich, but sluggish), which have some nice features, but still aren’t quite as fast as Chrome.

If you don’t use Chrome, that’s fine, I guess. You won’t be able to ignore Google for much longer though. The concepts for their tablet look amazing, and the video above got me a little more excited than I should have been, perhaps. Akhtar also mentions the Google Nexus One. The Nexus One plus the tablet plus Chrome make for an impressive array of products that go far beyond a simple search engine. I’m still wondering about Google’s role in the future of E-publishing.

What do you think, readers? What browsers are you using? Why? Is anyone else thinking about Google like I am?