If you’re an author (or want to be), you must make plans to attend the Indie Revolution Conference, or as we like to call it: Indie ReCon–making Indie publishing a mission possible!  While the conference focuses on indie publishing, there will be tons of advice that will benefit writers who utilize all publishing styles.  And during the conference, our presenters and partners will be giving out loads of prizes–including new kobo e-readers.  Some of the conference highlights include:
* I’ll be contributing a comprehensive blog post on my best editing secrets.
* Live chats with best selling authors Bob Mayer, Denise Grover Swank, Darcie Chan, Samanatha Young, Rashelle Workman, CJ Lyons, Ali Cross, S.R. Johannes, Steena Holmes and Pamela Harty (her agent), and LM Preston.
*  Informative posts to help you decide if indie publishing is right for you. Learn all about where indie publishing is headed, creating a quality product, making a business plan, marketing, and much, much more.  (Click here for the schedule.)
*  Learn tips from Hugh Howey, Michelle Leighton, Nancy Holder, Melissa Foster, Colleen Hoover, Sybil Nelson, Addison Moore, Richard Smith, and many more. (Click here for a complete listing of our presenters.)
*  Prizes, prizes, prizes!
And perhaps best of all, you can attend all of this online, for FREE.  That means you can stay snuggled in your pajamas, sipping a beverage of your choice, while we deliver this invaluable content to you. The conference runs Feb 19-21.  Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss important news and for a chance to win even more prizes.  (We promise we don’t spam.)  So GO.  Sign up now.  You won’t regret a single minute of this amazing free conference.
For the chance to win two Kobos, check out our contests.