There are few fiction writers who have the opportunity to see their books adapted for film. A book trailer comes pretty close to a lifelong dream of mine to see my writing turned into a movie. Book trailers are a very new promotional tool for novelists. Most don’t have the technical skill, visual acumen, or equipment to create one on their own. As such, most trailers are a succession of still photographs with voiceover. In other words, the story synopsis is told, not shown. I have asked writers and non-writers alike whether they find this type of trailer engaging. The answer is a resounding no. That is because we are talking about two completely different creative mediums.

If writers want to employ the visual, they need to hire professional help or be blessed with friends and colleagues who have worked on narrative films. For the Artemis Rising book trailer, I was privileged to work with both a professional and a friend, Bill Thoma, of Axiom Shift Productions.

As an experienced director and cameraman, he was an absolute breeze to work with. No matter what issues arose, he was always the most calming presence on set. He works very well with actors too, giving them what they need to get the best performance from each take. It was amazing to watch the process unfold.

I also can’t praise the cast and crew highly enough. Here they are in their various roles:

  • Bill Thoma – Director
  • Brian Neubauer – Camera, Lighting
  • Mary Nelson – Actor (Eva/Arethusa Maré)
  • Montetré – Actor (Diogo Cheia)
  • Tyler Nordby – Actor (Tristan Vazante)
  • Kyle Jorgenson – Actor (Padre Salvador)
  • Lyndsey Shaw – Actor (Jacinta Marto); Makeup, Hair, and Art Design
  • Beth Furumasu – Still Photographer; Production Assistant
  • Dan Kurtz – Production Assistant
  • Adam Halverson – Production Assistant
  • * With special thanks to: John and Annette Nelson and Jonathan Stark (thanks for the acting lesson!!)

There are so many stories I want to share, but I think I’ll wait until I have more of the production stills back so I can tell a picture story of the experience. As for now, at the end of this week, Bill Thoma, Mary Nelson and I will finish filming the final scene and do some last minute voiceover work. And, of course, post-production will commence as well.

On that note…ciao!

Wait, Beth just sent me a link to some of her AWESOME production shots. Check these out!