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Cheri is incredibly easy to work with and has a quick turn around time. I felt that I got a great value for my investment with her services and would recommend her to anyone looking for media promotion videos.

Michael-Scott Earle



15-Second Spot: $50
30-Second Spot: $100
45-Second Spot: $150
1-Minute Spot: $200

Type 1

General Book Trailers or Book Promos

These are non-exclusive video spots that would combine music, video clips relevant to your book or topic, and/or still images of your product or book.


Type 2

General Book Trailers or Book Promos (with Purchased Stock)

This type of video project is similar to the first type, but includes one or more stock video clips requiring purchase outside my current video collection.

Pricing: same as Type 1 plus the cost of any other individual video clips purchased from a stock site.


Type 3

Custom Work

This type of project would be partially or fully custom video work. I would use a trusted local videographer, and pricing would require discussing the project with the videographer. He would give us a project estimate and we would go from there. Costs might include finding and paying models, the videographer’s time, etc. Contact Cheri for more information.

Book Trailer Samples


Justice Team Series Trailer


Arken Freeth Fantasy Series Book Trailer

Echoes in the Glass Book Trailer

Priestesses and Prostitutes Boxed Set Trailer


Next up we have a sci-fi romance by Veronica Scott called The Lady of Star Wind. Beautiful video clips paired with a lovely soundtrack create a wonderful tease to what is sure to be an exciting book. Former lovers are forced together to flee across the galaxy. An intergalactic love that sounds wonderful!

Opal Campbell

USA Today | Life Contributor, USA Today

Lady of the Star Wind Trailer

Paradisi Escape Trailer

Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi Trailer

Hostage to the Stars Trailer

Sideris Gate Trailer


Rose Boy Fantasy Trailer 1

Rose Boy Fantasy Trailer 2

Promo Videos

AudaVoxx Advertiser Promo

AudaVoxx Subscribers Promo

Contact Cheri if you’re interested in having her make a promo or book trailer video for you

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