What is developmental editing?

Fiction only: No copy editing is involved. The purpose of the read-through is to identify any major problems in character, plot, or structure. Read-throughs are generally performed for those needing a moderate to heavy edit of a project and take place before the copy editing phase.

Elements I look out for during a developmental edit:

  • Is the book both fitting stylistically into the chosen genre as well as employing a unique voice, character or twist that will set it apart from others?
  • Are the chapter endings forcing the reader on, whether through a cliffhanger, twist, reversal, or revelation, etc.
  • Are characters leaping off the page with the most critical elements needed for memorable characters to live on in the reader’s mind?
  • Are there any structural issues present, such as a sagging middle, stakes not rising throughout, not enough sequel scenes or set pieces, etc. etc.
  • Is the theme unclear or not developed enough?


Hourly rate $46