with Elizabeth Lyon


Revise for Original Voice and Stand-out Style

Editors and agents favor a voice or style that is “fresh, original.” The secret lies in learning how to access latent individuality, and in “wordsmithing,” using techniques that highlight choices in syntax, diction, word choice, word strength, power positions, and imagery. A writing exercise will help you find the “diamonds” in your rough writing. Then, you’ll learn how to revise it for strong style. You’ll take away techniques to turn dull, lifeless prose into vibrant, fresh, original writing.

Revise for Strong Structure

One of your final revisions should be revising for structure to ensure suspense, movement, and a riveted reader. Complete your tool kit with full knowledge of scenes, sequels (reactions), segues, and big scenes. We’ll also cover the all-but-absent details of inner scene structure, which deepens characterization and boosts tension.

Revise for Compelling Characterization

A successful character (or narrator in memoir) is so fully developed and memorable that he or she outlives the author in the minds and hearts of readers. Yet, most writers unknowingly leave their main characters, especially their protagonists, underdeveloped. This workshop will provide you with revision guidelines for adding multiple levels of motivation, selecting a thematic back story, using contrasting and complementary strengths and weaknesses, developing unique tags, and tapping the power of metaphoric language, all to arrive at believable and memorable characters.

Revise for Successful Marketing

To be in business in two years, publishers must acquire now. Competition for agent and editor attention is still now, but always has been. How do you get a foot in the door? Clever or convincing query letters, the pitch that wows, and beginnings that sweep them off their feet. Agents and editors live for publishable manuscripts. How can you know if yours is ready? Besides seeing your name in lights with New York publishing, you’ll learn about Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D. Writers have more options than ever before.

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Elizabeth Lyon, author and editor, is leading a revision workshop for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction, on Saturday, February 26, 10am-5:30pm, in Portland, Oregon. Cost $65. “Diamonds in the Rough: Revise, Polish, Publish” will include four sessions: “Revise for Original Voice and Stand-Out Style,” “Revise for Strong Structure,” “Revise for Compelling Characterization,” and “Revise for Successful Marketing.” Location: Columbia Community Bible Church, 420 NE Marine Dr., Portland. Pre-registration and info: Sally Lehman, 503-810-0165, sallyklehman@gmail.com. The workshop is based on Elizabeth Lyon’s acclaimed book, “Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore.” www.elizabethlyon.com