By Cheri Lasota

Eats, Shoots & Leaves is a brilliant and funny salute to grammarians around the world. I would not recommend this book to the grammar newbie, however, because the grammar she discusses and uses in the book goes by British rules. But for those who want a screaming good ride through a grammar funhouse, I say jump right in.

Author Lynne Truss describes her kind as sticklers, “unattractive know-all obsessives who get things out of proportion and are in continual peril of being disowned by our exasperated families.” How could you not fall in love with such a self-effacing grammarian?

As an editor, it just makes me laugh aloud to see my obsession for grammar laid bare in all its idiosyncratic beauty. And slipped in and about these self-effacements are short discussions about proper usage and fun quotes and history about grammar.

Embrace your inner stickler!